Smartphone Downtime Box

  • Reclaim your life! – Put your phone a way for a bit and re-engage with your family, friends, and love ones.
  • Not at the Table! – Use the Downtime Box to help your children remain device-distraction free until homework is done, chores are complete, dinner is finished. (Remember to turn off notifications )
  • Be Safe! – The sturdy welded steel construction and built-in keyed-lock ensure everyone’s phones can’t/won’t be bothered until you want them to be
  • Stay Charged! – Slots conveniently located at both ends of the Downtime Box provide easy access for charging cables.
  • Store a few! – The Downtime Box’s 8 ¼” X 5 ½” X 2 ½” frame provides plenty of space to store larger phones and plenty of them